What Questions Should I Ask An Attorney I’m Thinking About Hiring?

There are plenty of questions to ask the lawyer you are about to hire.  This blog post discusses Kentucky personal injury lawyers and the top three questions to ask.  Car crash, dog bite, motorcycle crash, premises liability, trucking crash, and all other types of injury cases are included.

Do You Go To Court?

If your lawyer answers “no” than you can stop right there and walk out.  Simple as that.  A lawyer that does not go to court holds little to no bargaining power with the other side.  I spoke with an injury lawyer that seemed proud about the fact his firm never went to court when I first moved to Louisville.  That is dangerous and alters the recovery for clients  What we do as lawyers is negotiate.  Part of the negotiating strategy of a good injury lawyer is “if you don’t pay enough than I will ask a jury for more.”

What Is Your Experience?

Make sure the lawyer handles the type of case you have.  Plenty of people dabble in personal injury law.  A lawyer that does mostly bankruptcy or criminal law that wants to handle a personal injury case is doing you a disservice.  I do not do anything other than personal injury law for a reason.  I don’t know the small tricks and strategies of there types of law.  Other lawyers don’t know the same about personal injury cases.

What Can I Expect From Your Office?

Communication between lawyer and client is key.  You want to make sure the lawyer and his team pick up the phone and respond.  I used to work at an injury firm that was understaffed.  It was a nightmare and clients were unhappy.  I’ll be honest there are somethings I rely upon paralegals for.  Things like requesting medical records or putting information into my files.  Having a helpful staff is important.  That said, I respond to all calls and emails and think it is important for clients to speak to their lawyer.

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