What Are The Different Types Of Product Liability?

This blog post discuses the different types of product liability cases in Kentucky.

A product liability case involves the manufacture, distribution, sale, or other use of a product.  This can be something as simple as a knife or as complicated as a seven-ton crane.  When most people think about product liability cases things like defective airbags or dangerous drugs come to mind.  Sunscreen, pencils, tires, bicycles, ladders, pesticides, tractors, and basically anything you can think of that is produced can be the subject of a products liability case.

At Dettman Law we handle a variety of products liability cases including:



Children’s Toys

Food Injury

These cases often require expert testimony.   What this means is that the lawyer hires and expert to give an opinion.  If the expert can say the product is unnecessarily dangerous or could have been made safer than there is potentially a case.  The last requirement of a products liability case is damages.  This includes medical expenses, loss of income, and pain/suffering.

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