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  • What if my child dies due to the fault of another? Can I bring a claim? image

    If your child dies due to the fault of another you can bring a claim. This is called a wrongful death claim. Under certain circumstances you could also sue for loss of consortium meaning your loss. A personal injury or wrongful death lawyer can help you pursue the case when your child dies from the …
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  • Can I sue my doctor or drug company for injuries from use of a prescription? image

    You can sue your doctor or drug company for injuries from use of a prescription. Your doctor is under an obligation to prescribe the correct medication and the drug company is under an obligation to manufacture safe drugs. If either party breaches their obligation or duty than you can sue them if damages result.

  • How do I sue for Slippery decks and surface injury? image

    You sue for slippery decks and surface injury at a pool by hiring an expert witness to evaluate the area.  If the witness can testify that the deck is unnecessarily dangerous or could have been less slippery than there is a case worth pursuing.  A personal injury lawyer is the type of lawyer you need.  …
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  • Can I sue a truck driver for an accident that happened when I was in their blind spot? image

    Yes, you can sue a truck driver for an accident that happened when you were in their blind spot. Every driver has the obligation to be aware of his or her surroundings and take due care to avoid causing a crash. If a trucker has you in his blind spot and fails to take adequate …
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  • Can I Sue If My Child Was Injured at Daycare? image

    Yes, in Kentucky you can sue if your child was injured in a day care. The daycare has a responsibility to make sure your child is safe and healthy. Failure to make sure your child is safe means that negligence occurred. Injuries at daycare facilities can be lifelong and traumatic. It is best to consult …
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  • What resources are there for injured children? image

    The most common resources for injured children are from the government. The Cabinet for Health and Family Services for Kentucky has a variety of resources on this website: There are also non-profits that can assist:

  • What qualifies as medical malpractice? image

    Medical malpractice occurs in Kentucky when a medical professional injures someone by failing to live up to the “standard of care” that is expected of that medical professional. This means that the medical professional is negligent in the practice of medicine and as a result someone gets hurt.

  • What is medical malpractice in a nursing home? image

    Medical malpractice in a nursing home is when a doctor or other medical healthcare provider injures a patient by failing to live up to their duties. It is sometimes called medical negligence. When a patient subjects themselves to medical treatment the law requires the doctor to act as other reasonable and prudent doctors in that …
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  • What’s it like to survive a bad motorcycle accident? image

    A bad motorcycle crash can have significant consequences for you and your family. I have had clients that needed to switch careers, undergo serious surgeries, and died as a result of motorcycle crashes. These cases are serious because people get really hurt on motorcycles.