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  • Should I sue If I am in a slow speed or small injury motorcycle accident? image

    Whether or not you sure for a slow speed or small injury motorcycle accident depends on whether or not the at fault driver’s insurance company will pay you a fair sum to resolve the case. If they will pay to resolve the case pre-litigation there is no need for you to sue. What is fair …
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  • Can I sue my doctor for not giving me my test results or reporting that I had abnormal test results? image

    You can sue your doctor for not giving you test results, but you will probably end up losing money. It is expensive to sue someone. Your damages must outweigh the costs of litigation. Proving you are damaged as a result of failing to get test results will be difficult to prove. Now if the doctor …
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  • Can you sue a doctor or medical practice for ignoring your symptoms? image

    You can sue a doctor for medical malpractice for ignoring your symptoms if the doctors actions contributed to damages and the ignoring qualifies as medical error/negligence. To prove cases like this there must be damages. If the doctor just ignores and it doesn’t result in injury than there is no case worth pursuing.

  • Can I sue my employer for pain and suffering after a back injury at work that was caused by intentional abuse or negligence? image

    Depending on the facts you could sue your employer for back injury at work that was caused intentionally or by negligence. Each case is fact specific. Consult with a personal injury lawyer for a free evaluation.

  • What to do if you slip and fall in a grocery store? image

    If you slip and fall as a result of a dangerous condition at a grocery store you can sue them. I have sued Kroger and Meijers for water, liquids, grapes, and other dangers on their property that causes injury. The lawsuits I file are against the store for causing injury to my clients.

  • Can a cyclist claim against a driver? image

    Can a cyclist claim against a driver? A cyclist can make a claim against a driver in Kentucky.  This included bikes, motorcycles, dirtbikes, and other forms of wheeled transportation.  The cyclist will make a claim against the at fault driver and that insurance company will provide coverage for medical bills, pain and suffering, lost wages, …
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  • Does the Beware of Dog sign protect the dog owner? image

    Does the Beware of Dog sign protect the dog owner? Beware of dog signs make it more difficult to pursue a dog bite case in Kentucky.  A beware of dog sign does not completely protect the owner. If a lawsuit is filed the defense will argue that the sign put the victim on notice of …
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  • How do you prove negligence in a slip and fall? image

    Negligence consists of 1) Duty 2) Breach 3) Causation and 4) Damages. Duty means that the property owner owes you a duty to make property safe. You must qualify to be owed a duty. Breach means that the property owner failed to make the property safe. Causation is that by failing to make it safe …
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  • Is a misdiagnosis considered malpractice? image

    Misdiagnosis can be considered malpractice if the medical professional that misdiagnoses you breached the standard of care. This means that the doctor didn’t live up to what is expected of similar doctors in his profession/specialty. There must also be damages meaning that the misdiagnosis resulted in injury. For example, sometimes it can be proven that …
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