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  • Can you sue for back pain or a back injury after a car accident? image

    You can sue for back pain or back injury after a car crash. It is important to document your injuries through a medical professional to prove your case. The insurance company is unlikely to just take your word for it. They will argue in the absence of treatment that you really weren’t that hurt. Talk …
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  • How much compensation will I get for a back injury? image

    There is no limit to how much money you can get for back injury caused by negligence. A case with a lifetime of damages is worth more than a case where your back injury resolves in a few weeks. Also important is whether or not you underwent surgery and the length of recovery. The worse …
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  • I was sexually assaulted by a doctor or medical professional, what can I do? image

    If you were sexually assaulted by a doctor or medical professional call the police. You are the victim of a crime. There is also a civil case against the doctor or medical professional. A personal injury lawyer can sue them for battery, intentional infliction of emotional damages, and other claims. Punitive damages are available in …
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  • Can I sue a business if negligence caused a wrongful death on their property? image

    You can sue a business if negligence caused a wrongful death on their property. In the eyes of the law a property owner must make their property safe for other people. If the landlord fails to make the property safe and someone dies than the property owner can be sued for negligence and wrongful death. …
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  • What is the main cause of boating accidents resulting in death? image

    The main cause of boating accidents resulting in death, according the the United States Coast Guard is alcohol. Drinking and driving on a boat is against the law. Unfortunately this does not stop people from doing so and causing serious bodily injury and/or death.

  • How much is a good settlement for a motorcycle accident? image

    A good motorcycle settlement depends on a few factors: fault, injuries, lost wages, and available insurance coverage. Settling your case without the advice of a lawyer is a bad idea. The other side knows you are highly unlikely to file a lawsuit and thus have limited bargaining power. A lawyer will be able to look …
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  • How much can you sue for a dog bite? image

    “How much can I sue for a dog bite?” There is no limit to how much you can sue for a dog bite in Kentucky.  Your damages are determined by the dog, the bite, medical treatment, scarring, pain, and suffering, need for surgery, and trauma caused by the bite.  This can be a significant sum …
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  • Can I sue the police for misconduct? image

    You can sue the police for misconduct. It is easier to sue an individual police officer than an entire department depending on the facts and circumstances of the event. These cases are difficult and you need evidence of the misconduct to prove your case. This includes any videotape or physical evidence along with the testimony …
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  • How is compensation determined for a back injury lawsuit? image

    Compensation is determined by injuries, liability, and available insurance in a Kentucky personal injury back injury lawsuit. If one of these three elements are missing it is a problem. For example, a defendant without insurance or significant assets is not worth pursuing. You can get a million dollar judgment but never see a dollar because …
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