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  • Can a personal injury lawyer help me if i have been hurt by slippery floors on someone else’s property? image

    Yes, a Kentucky personal injury lawyer can help you if you have been hurt by slippery floors on someone else’s property. The statute of limitations on a slip and fall is one year so it is important to act quick. A lawyer can help you evaluate liability, damages, and investigate insurance coverage available for the …
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  • Can I sue for a defective product? image

    You can sue for defective product, but you must be hurt by the product to have a case worth pursuing. The lawsuit could be against one or more defendants that is responsible for the product. A personal injury or products liability lawyer is who you need to speak with. The consultation should be free.

  • What is most likely to cause someone to fall overboard on a boat? image

    Alcohol and dangerous driving are the most likely causes of someone falling overboard on a boat. In Kentucky the driver of a boat is under a duty to drive in a reasonable and prudent manner. Failing to do so and causing injury results in the driver being liable for damages. A personal injury lawyer can …
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  • Can I sue for secondary injuries that resulted from treatment of a brain injury? image

    You can sue for secondary injuries that resulted from treatment of a brain injury in Kentucky. The defendant in personal injury cases is on the hook for all damages associated with the wrong. That means that if you are hurt in recovering the defendant is still responsible. It is foreseeable that you could be injured …
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  • How long after a settlement will I be paid in my class action lawsuit? image

    The settlement payment in a class action lawsuit will depend on the terms of the settlement and what the judge orders the parties to do. Class action lawsuits do not resolve quickly. They often take years to settle. The judge can also order the parties to contact all other injured persons which can delay the …
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  • When should I hire an attorney to go after a drunk driver who injured me? image

    You should hire a lawyer as soon as possible after you are injured by a drunk driver. The insurance companies for the other side will try to contact you after the wreck. They aren’t trying to help you. Most likey they want the case resolved for cheap and quick money. This will undervalue your drunk …
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  • Are the hotel liability waivers for swimming pools enforceable? image

    Hotel liability waivers are not 100% enforceable.  No waiver allows a landowner or company to get out of negligence.  This means that if you are hurt at a hotel pool you should consult with a lawyer about your options.  Just because the hotel has a waiver does not mean you are prevented from recovering damages.  …
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  • Can you sue an insurance company for not paying out a claim? image

    You can sue an insurance company for not paying out a claim if 1) they committed bad faith or 2) if they provided coverage like underinsured or uninsured motorist coverage. You can also sue their insured. In a car crash case this means you sue the driver and the insurance company is on the hook …
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  • What is the difference between workers compensation and a personal injury case? image

    The real difference between a workers’ compensation case and a personal injury case is pain and suffering. A workers’ compensation case does not allow for pain and suffering which limits damages. A negligence case allows for past/present/future emotional and physical pain and suffering. Your recovery will presumably be larger if you can claim pain and …
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