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  • What if I don’t have any insurance? image

    If you don’t have insurance you can still claim an broken bone injury. In order to have a case there must be an at fault party. A car crash or a slip and fall case can still move forward even if you don’t have health insurance. I have seen people hesitant to seek treatment because …
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  • I received a chemical burn due to improper storage at a construction site. Can I sue my employer? image

    If you are injured by a chemical burn due to improper storage at a construction site you can file a workers’ compensation case. In order to file a bodily injury case you need to speak to a personal injury lawyer about finding another liable third party. This could include the manufacturer of the chemical or …
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  • Is the motorcyclist ever at fault? image

    A motorcyclist can be at fault for a crash. The same rules of the road apply to motorcycle drivers. There is a duty to drive in a reasonable manner and avoid causing injury to others. If a motorcycle driver breaches this duty they can be held at fault for the crash.

  • What should I do if I am involved in an accident at DIXIE HWY & GAGEL AV? image

    DIXIE HWY & GAGEL AV ranks #40 on Kentucky’s top 40 most dangerous intersections. This intersection is located in Jefferson county and has seen over 185 total crashes on record with the Kentuckiana Regional Planning & Development Agency. There are over 52 injuries recorded at the intersection of  DIXIE HWY & GAGEL AV and 0 recorded fatalities. The …
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  • I was injured in an elevator due to faulty wires or poor maintenance. Can I sue for my injuries? image

    You can sue for an elevator that has faulty wires or poor maintenance.  The owner/operator of an elevator owes a duty to those using it legally to make sure it is safe.  This includes persons that are invited on the property.  If an owner/operator of an elevator fails to take adequate steps to maintain the …
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  • How do you report an aggressive dog in Louisville Kentucky? image

    “How do I report an aggressive dog in Louisville Kentucky?” An aggressive dog can be reported to Louisville Metro Animal Services. Can you sue if you get bit by a dog? How much money can you get for a dog bite?

  • How often do brain injury cases go to trial? image

    Brain injury cases go to trial when both sides of a lawsuit cannot reach a settlement. This means the defendant and injured party have different evaluations on a case. Each side thinks the jury will award more in the injured parties eyes and less in the defendant’s eyes. It is rare a case goes to …
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  • How long after a slip and fall can you sue? image

    You can sue immediately after a slip and fall, but that might not make sense. The important thing on a slip and fall is not how fast you can sue, but the timeframe you have to sue. In Kentucky this is one year from the date of the fall.

  • Can I sue a nursing home for a broken bone injury if the resident had osteoporosis ? image

    You can sue a nursing home for a broken bone injury if the resident has osetoporosis. The nursing home should have known the injured party was succeptable to injury and taken steps to avoid injury. This means that the nursing home must be at fault which is something you can prove at trial. If a …
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