How Does a Car Crash Property Damage Claim Work in Louisville, Kentucky?

How Does a Car Crash Property Damage Claim Work in Louisville, Kentucky?

You have three claims in Kentucky for a car crash: property damage, injury, and personal injury protection.  This article discusses the property damage.

I am Not at Fault for My Louisville, Kentucky Car Crash!

If you are not at fault for a crash the other person’s insurance company will pay for your car to be fixed.  At the scene of a crash it is important to get this information.  Without knowing who the other carrier is the only way to get this information is the police report.  And that often takes 3-5 business days.

The second, and often faster way, is to have your insurance carrier fix the vehicle.  Clients are often concerned about their rates going up if they use their own insurance.  There is a Kentucky Statute that states if you are not at fault for a crash they cannot raise your rates.  The catch here is you will have to front the deductible until the other persons insurance reimburses you.  That may take some time.

If the other person does not have insurance you will need to go through your own carrier to get the car fixed.  Not having this coverage is a problem.

Your injury lawyer should set up the property damage claim for you.  The next step is to take the vehicle for an estimate if the vehicle is drivable.  If the vehicle is not drivable your lawyer will authorize an adjuster to come out to your house to discuss property damage.  The ONLY thing you should discuss with a property damage adjuster is damage to your car.  Some of them try to ask questions about what happened in the crash or your injuries.  Better to have a lawyer present for that line of questioning.

I Caused the Crash :(

If you are at fault for a crash the only way to get your car fixed is through your comprehensive/collision coverage.  Call your carrier if you have this coverage and have them fix the vehicle.

Where Should I Take My Car to Be Fixed After a Car Crash in Louisville, Kentucky?

Carriers often want you to bring the vehicle to a place they recommend.  I think this is a terrible idea.  If the insurance company is using a place over and over that place probably has loyalties to the insurance company and not you.  I drive a GMC truck and was in a crash in December.  I brought my truck to GMC to get fixed because I wanted it done the right way.  I could have brought it to any body shop and I was under no obligation to use the four shops my insurance company recommended.  Bring your vehicle somewhere you like and trust.


What if My Car is Totaled After a Kentucky Car Crash?

If your vehicle is totaled you will be entitled to the market value of the vehicle at the time of the loss.  A problem can arise when you owe more on a vehicle than it is worth.  GAP coverage can help here if you have it.  It is frustrating when an insurance company offers you less than what you owe, but under the law the market value is the right valuation.  The market value is what a reasonable buyer and seller would come to in an arms length transaction.  The best way to figure this out is by pricing your car on the internet.  Use the same make, model, mileage as a guideline.

Will My Car Crash Lawyer Help Me?

Some lawyers don’t help on property damage claims.  Although I represent my clients on their injury claim I assist them on property damage claims as well.  That usually isn’t often as my clients are going to know way more about their car than I will know.

Happy to answer any questions.

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