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How Long Does A Lawsuit Take in Kentucky on a Car Crash Case?

A potential client contacted me two weeks ago about representing her.  The insurance for the other side made her an insufficient offer.  Presumably because she didn’t have a lawyer ☹.  Her statute runs in two days and she texted me yesterday asking how long does litigation take.  The answer is below: Filing a Kentucky Personal Injury […]

How Does a Car Crash Property Damage Claim Work in Louisville, Kentucky?

You have three claims in Kentucky for a car crash: property damage, injury, and personal injury protection.  This article discusses the property damage. I am Not at Fault for My Louisville, Kentucky Car Crash! If you are not at fault for a crash the other person’s insurance company will pay for your car to be […]

What Kind of Doctor do I Need After a Louisville Car Crash?

Short Answer: One you like and trust. Long Answer: After a car crash you have the option to go to the hospital.  My estimation is more than half of people do go to the hospital. If your injuries are life threatening you will most likely be taken to the University of Louisville Hospital (kids will […]

What Happens in a Car Crash Jury Trial in Jefferson County, Kentucky?

It is rare that a case goes to trial.  I sometimes hear about the “good old days” when every other week a lawyer was trying a case in the courthouse.  I’m not sure if that is an effective method given the amount of cases currently in Jefferson County, Kentucky, but in any case its not […]