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Lawsuit v. Bouncer and Bar in Louisville, Kentucky

What Good Bouncers Do I am pretty skeptical when someone calls me about a bar bouncer attack.  Out of college I worked as a bar back for seven months trying to scrape up enough money to travel Central America.  We had some great bouncers that weren’t just a bunch of meatheads hired off the street.  …
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Can My Lawyer Resolve My Case Without Me?

The answer to this question is no.  Your lawyer cannot resolve your case without consent.  I write this because I was contacted by a Florida woman who slipped at a Louisville restaurant.  She fractured her hip and had high medical bills.  According to the woman her lawyer resolved her case without her consent. I’m sure …
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Injury Lawyers Make the World Safer

Injury lawyers post all over billboards, bus stops, and the internet about how much money they recover.  I’m guilty.  When you couple this with the attacks from insurance companies it makes it look like injury lawyers aren’t creating societal good. What you don’t hear enough about is the changes we make in the behavior of …
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Bird Scooter Injury in Louisville, Kentucky

In places like Miami, LA, and Austin scooters are everywhere.  I’ve seen Lime and Bird Scooters in Louisville for the past year and a half.  Now that it is summer there seem to be more and more.  I knew it was only a matter of time until someone called me with a scooter related injury. …
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My Injury Case Resolved Without a Lawsuit. What is Next?

The majority of cases are resolved without a lawsuit being filed.  Why cases resolve before litigation is the topic of another post.  For the purpose of this article I’m not getting into it. So lets say the insurance company made an offer that was accepted by your lawyer.  There is still work to be done.  …
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Who Should Pay For My Property Damage in Louisville After a Car Crash?

I’m working on property damage today. If your lawyer tells you that he only represents you on the injury claim and not the property damage claim than your lawyer is being lazy. I will say that I authorize the insurance companies to set up a viewing of the vehicle and communication with my clients on this aspect of the claim.

I Made a Lot of Money This Year Social Media Posts on Injury Cases

I was born in 1982. As a result, I’m basically on every form of social media available. I’m also a plaintiff’s lawyer so a lot of PI ads pop up on my feed. Towards the end of the year its almost a requirement that a PI lawyer posts something like: My Firm Resolved X Million Dollars Worth of Cases This Year!”