My Case Involves A Brain Injury – Can You Help Me?

My Case Involves A Brain Injury – Can You Help Me?

Short Answer: Yes, I can help with a brain injury case.

Long Answer: Below

Brain injury cases are a special area of practice at Dettman Law.  My office has recovered multiple millions of dollars for victims of brain injury cases.  Brain injury cases usually involve a neurologist and serious injury.  Here are some information on Dettman Law and brain injury cases:

Brain Injury And Insurance

Dettman Law represented a sixteen-year-old boy who was injured as a result of his friends negligence.  The boys were working on a vehicle and had put it up on a jack.  My client was underneath the vehicle when the steering wheel was moved.  This caused the entire vehicle to come down upon my clients’ head.  It is amazing he did not expire immediately.  My office was able to procure insurance coverage for him from a variety of sources.

Types Of Injuries

I have also represented clients with brain injuries due to a car crash or slip and fall.  My clients relay stabbing pain in the back of the head and/or the inability to get up in the morning due to severe migraines.  I remember deposition testimony of a client who has to crawl to the bathroom and stay locked inside in darkness for three days.  That is powerful imagery for an insurance company and jury.  A client I currently represent has memory issues, both long and short term.  Each brain injury case is different because every person is different.  There is no one way to fix or handle a brain injury case so experience becomes helpful.

Proving A Brain Injury Case

The somewhat difficult portion of a brain injury case is that the injury is (usually) not “visible.”  One can look at a broken leg or a herniated disc pretty easily.  Defense lawyers in depositions sometimes make a big deal about this distinction.  This can be countered by the testimony of the injured party and/or close family and friends.  For example, a friend could testify that before the brain injury the injured party was happy-go-lucky and afterwards became depressed.  Damages are provable in a variety of ways, but evidence like this is helpful to proving a brain injury case.

Write It Down

I also recommend the injured person keep track of the instances where a brain injury has altered their life.  For specific questions about brain injury cases I am available for free consultation.

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