What Is The Best Way To Handle An Insurance Settlement Dispute?

What Is The Best Way To Handle An Insurance Settlement Dispute?

The best way to handle an insurance settlement dispute in Kentucky is to hire a personal injury lawyer.  The right representation could be the difference between significant sums of money.  I have worked cases where the insurance company pays fifty times the initial offer.  That isn’t every case, but it representative of how bad an insurance company will go to screw someone over.  I have also handled cases where the end number is multiple seven figures over an above the insurance initial offer.

Dealing With Insurance On Your Own

Insurance is a billion-dollar industry.  Insurance adjusters are trained to pay out as little as possible.  If you do not have the wherewithal to litigate in a courtroom the insurance company is in a strong negotiation position.  In addition to bargaining power the insurance company often takes advantage of an unrepresented person.  There are things I would never agree to pre-litigation that an unrepresented party allows.   The long and short is an unrepresented party is at a disadvantage on all aspects of a case.  Could I fix my plumbing by watching you tube videos?  Maybe, but there is also a high probability sewage ends up everywhere.  Could snap back my fractured thumb into place?  I’d rather hire a professional than screw it up.

Is A Lawyer Right For Me And Who Should I Hire?

A lawyer is a necessity for an injury settlement dispute.  They type of lawyer you want is a personal injury lawyer.  Make sure to get someone that only practices this type of law.

I would rather an injured person hire my competition than handle the insurance company themselves.  This even applies to bad personal injury lawyers.  Using a settlement mill, never litigate go to trial lawyer is probably better than self-representation.  Just like any profession there are good and bad seeds.  In my estimation the best lawyers are the ones that will file a lawsuit and try a case to a jury.  Not every lawyer does this.  Some are afraid to of the courthouse or have to pay their insane advertising bills aka resolve cases fast and cheap.

At Dettman Law I routinely file lawsuits and litigate.  Not every case goes to litigation or trial.  Maybe 10% litigation and 1% to trial.  However, it is this small percentage of cases that allows me to negotiate properly with an insurance carrier.  If I was not engaged in litigation or trying cases the carriers would know they could basically offer anything and I’d be forced to take it.

For example, an insurance defense lawyer told my office that another injury lawyer in town ALWAYS takes the last offer at mediation.  This means that the carrier knows they can lowball the daylights out of the case. That hurts the client at the end of the day.

I say this all the time but hire someone that you like and trust.  Get someone that is responsive.  I get a call every other week from a person that is frustrated with their current representation.

Free Consultation

Any personal injury lawyer worth their salt provides free consultations.  At Dettman Law if I don’t get my clients money, they do not owe anything.  Other firms call this a no fee guarantee.  All personal injury lawyers that I know practice in the same way.


If you have follow up questions about your insurance settlement dispute or how a personal injury lawyer can help please email bdettman@dettmanlawgroup.com.  Test me out and see if I am responsive 😊

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