What If I Can Afford To Pay All My Costs Myself?

There is no law in Kentucky prohibiting a client from paying the costs of litigation.  This blog posts discusses costs on a personal injury case both pre-litigation and litigation.

Lawyer Agreement

When you hire a personal injury lawyer the contract usually states the lawyer is responsible for the costs of litigation.  It states the lawyer will front the money and take it out of the end recovery.  The contract also mandates if the lawyer loses the case then the costs are not owed by the client.  This is a benefit to the client.

Costs Are In Addition To A Fee

I do not know what the costs on a case will be when it comes in the door.  It may be fifty thousand dollars or a few hundred.   As a result, I cannot say with specificity how much to charge as a fee if I were to factor in costs.   All lawyers that do what I do treat costs different than a fee.  The fee is separate.

But How Is That Fair

Pretend I agree to pay costs on a case.  They end up being $50,000.00 and the case is only worth $10,000.00.  Why would I take that case?  No lawyer would.

Do Lawyers Benefit From Additional Costs

The conspiracy theorist in me thinks that some lawyers have backdoor agreements on some costs.  For example, if my guess is some lawyers go to Cost Business X and says you do this for me, charge what you want, and kick me back 50% on something else.   I think that happens.  It is also illegal.

There are other lawyers that come to agreements with litigation funding companies.  These companies pay the costs so the lawyer does not have to pay the costs.  That is not cheap or free.  Interest is charged to the case and the client eventually pays.  Not cool in my book.

Costs At Dettman Law

At Dettman Law I put up the costs on a case up front.  I have zero incentive to unnecessarily run up costs on a case because it is my money.  If I somehow lose the case that is money out the door.  That said, I will spend money when it makes sense.  This usually applies to experts.  Hiring experts is important when proving a case or damages.   Spending $5,000.00 for an opinion that states damages are $1,000,000.00 is a no brainer.  I always work in the best interests of my clients.

In sum, if a client wants to pay costs on a case that is ok with me.  Its just not really necessary.

If you have specific questions about the costs on personal injury case my email is bdettman@dettmanlawgroup.com

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