Elevator Accidents

What are the different injuries and accidents involving elevators and escalators?

An elevator accident may seem like a rare occurrence, but these incidents are actually quite common. Elevator accidents are one of the rarest forms of accidental death, causing fewer than 30 deaths across the nation each year, but elevator injury is much more common. Broken elevator doors. Dysfunctional elevator doors are another common cause of elevator accidents. Passengers get often injured by a door closing too suddenly or doors that refuse to reopen or become jammed. If you have been injured due to the malfunction of an elevator, you are not alone. Many people have been victims of elevator accidents, causing serious injuries.

While elevators are, in general, a safe and convenient way to reach different levels of a building, they can pose a danger to people when they malfunction or if they are not well maintained.

On average, elevator accidents are responsible for nearly 30 deaths and around 17k serious injuries annually. Severe injuries in elevator accidents are often caused by:

– Falls inside the elevator or into an open shaft
– Breaks, sprains, crushing injuries from being caught in/between or struck by malfunctioning doors
– Fall injuries due to unbalanced leveling with the floor when entering or exiting the elevator
– Electrocution from faulty wiring exposed electrical or unprotected electrical controls
– Injuries can also occur when passengers colliding with one another or against the wall of the elevator cab
– Injuries can result from abrupt stops as well as free-falls

Frequently Asked Questions About Elevator Accidents

You can sue for an elevator that has faulty wires or poor maintenance.  The owner/operator of an elevator owes a duty to those using it legally to make sure it is safe.  This includes persons that are invited on the property.  If an owner/operator of an elevator fails to take adequate steps to maintain the …
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If you were injured in an elevator due to faulty or defective sliding doors there may be a case.   To pursue a case like this you need to show the defective elevator doors caused the injury through no fault of your own.  The case outcome will depend on liability, damages, and available insurance/assets of …
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You can sue for your injuries if an elevator pulley system malfunctioned or broke down.  An elevator not supposed to hurt people.  If the elevator causes an injury clearly there is something defective about the elevator that should have been addressed before the injury was sustained.  Contact a lawyer after you seek medical attention.  The …
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If your elevator was defective and you are hurt there is likely a personal injury case.  If possible take pictures of the elevator and the problem.  You should next seek medical care for your injuries.  Normally there is a significant injury as a result of a defective elevator so make sure to tell your doctors …
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