New Car Crash and Dog Bite Lawsuits

I filed two new lawsuits in Jefferson County Circuit Court yesterday. The first is a rear end car crash case. The carrier has a skewed evaluation in my humble opinion. The second is a dog attack case where my client and her dog were attacked by an unleashed dog. This post discusses the cases and why I filed lawsuits.

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1: Rear End Car Crash in Jefferson County Kentucky

My client was rear ended in Louisville. Before the crash she was consistently running 6-7 miles about five time a week. After the crash she is no longer able to run even 1-2 miles without significant pain. I sent a demand to the at fault carrier. Their response was to blame her injuries on years of running. The carrier asked for priors so we provided them. The offer nominally jumped and again they blamed the running.

Why I Filed Suit

What they don’t know is my client is an excellent witness that is going to slam them at deposition and trial on the pre-existing argument they think they want to make. I think the value of taking something you love and not being able to do it anymore is greater than nuisance value. The carrier is going to learn this lesson via this lawsuit.

2: Dog Bite Neighbor v. Neighbor

My neighbor was walking her dog in our neighborhood. I live in an area that is full of kids because people move specifically for the school district. Unfortunately, another one of our neighbors had a large dog they allowed to go loose. You know where this one is going. Bit big dog attacked my client and the little dog. My clients livelihood depends on her hands. The big dog bit her hand causing nerve damage. My client did what she needed to do to recover, but was unable to reach pre-bite status. The at fault owner subsequently was involved in local ordinance violation hearings. The dog continues to torment my client by being present in the neighborhood.

Why I Filed Suit

I filed a lawsuit because the case needs to get in front of a lawyer who can properly assess my client as opposed to me sending records to the insurance company. If that happened they would just make an insulting offer. I’ve handled enough dog bites to know the carrier will value this based on medicals and not true loss. We will not claim medicals at trial. We will claim the trauma she goes through on account of the defendant refusing to remove the dog from the neighborhood. I will also claim the pain, suffering, lost income, and loss of future income.

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I file lawsuits on a regular basis when insurance companies refuse to pay a fair sum of money for resolution. At any given time I probably have forty to sixty lawsuits in litigation. Plenty of lawyers resolve cases cheap and fast. Not here! If you have been in a car crash or the victim of a dog bite the consultation is always free at Dettman Law. My email is