Does My Lawyer Get The Police Report?

Yes, your personal injury lawyer can get a copy of the police report (PR). In Louisville they are usually $10.00 on a program called We can also get them at the police station. Sometimes it takes a few days for the police to write up the report. Usually their is a higher up that needs to approve of the report before it is published. Sometimes the cops get the information wrong. That is not necessarily a case killer. I have recovered plenty for people who are “at fault” on the PR.

Police vehicle

How Do I Read My Police Report?

I usually start first by seeing who is listed as Unit 1 versus Unit 2. The police try to make Unit 1 the “at fault” person. Inattention, improper speed, human factors are sometimes indications that Unit 1 is responsible for the crash. It is also possible the police could not figure out who was at fault and had to just choose one vehicle to list as Unit 1. After I look at the units I proceed to the narrative report. This is the part where the police write up what they think happened.

Is The Report Hearsay?

Yes, the police report is hearsay. This presumes the police officer did not personally witness what happened. If the officer witnessed what happened than it is not hearsay. Usually what the police officers are told by the drivers is admissible. These are called party admissions. Be careful what you say after a wreck and talk to an experienced personal injury lawyer right away after a crash. The lawyer will pull the police report and advise you.

What If There Isn’t A Report?

If you are in a wreck on private property the police will not do a report. You are best to get the other sides insurance information, picture of license, and photo of their license plate. You should then call an experienced personal injury lawyer. The lawyer can help you fill out a civilian traffic report.

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