When Should I Go To The Chiropractor After A Car Crash?

I am a lawyer.  I am not a doctor.  As such, I cannot give medical advice.  However, having helped thousands of people on car crashes I have some knowledge of after crash care.

Hospital Visit

If you have been in a car crash and you are experiencing pain it is my advice to seek medical attention sooner rather than later. The longer you wait the more the insurance company will make a big deal about gaps in treatment.  They will argue if you were that hurt than why did you wait to see a doctor or chiropractor. This blog post discusses when you should seek a chiropractor after a car crash.

The hospital is usually the first place to visit if you are suffering after a wreck.  The doctors there will insure you do not have any broken bones or brain bleeds.  If your injuries are severe, they may keep you for surgery or observation.  The extend of your injury governs what they do for you at the hospital.  I have seen clients in the hospital for weeks at a time.  However, that is not the norm.

Discharge Paperwork

When the doctors figure out what is wrong with you discharge papers will be drawn up.  Often the records will state that you suffered from an MVA (motor vehicle accident) and have cervical, thoracic, or lumbar strain/sprain.  If you have a more specific injury, like torn rotator cuff, they will recommend follow up with a specialist.  If you don’t have a more specific injury, they will set you free without much advice.

Note: if you don’t need hospital treatment you are free to seek treatment at a chiropractic, physical therapy, orthopedic, primary care, or other specialist.

Specialized Auto Crash Treatment

To get follow up treatment it is wise to seek a facility that has experience treating auto crash victims.  Your primary care provider can also recommend follow up treatment.  Facilities that see wreck victims day in and day out know what types of treatments and modalities work for recovery.  They can also recommend other facilities for more specific problems related to a car crash.

I’m stubborn.  Before I became a lawyer I’d probably try to wait and see if thing got better on their own.  Now that I’ve practiced this type of law I would seek follow up case ASAP.  My experience is that clients either have adrenaline running through them after a crash or pain.  If adrenaline they usually wake up the next day feeling like a sack of bricks hit them.

This is the time to seek chiropractic or other care.


I also know the good chiropractors and doctors in town for specific cases.  If you have questions about a provider I’m happy to help.

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