Should I Just Represent Myself?

Blunt answer: represent yourself if you want to destroy your case.

Dettman Law = Only Personal Injury

It would be better for you to hire my competition than handle an insurance company on your own.  There are all sorts of self-serving studies on both sides of the pendulum.  I can say from personal experience my office has done the following:

Offer: $1,000.00         Attorney Resolution: $50,000.00

Offer: $2,500.00         Attorney Resolution: $225,000.00

Offer: 500,000.00       Attorney Resolution: $1,000,000.00

Offer: Confidential     Attorney Resolution: WAY over Confidential

And everything in between.  I practice solely personal injury law every day.  There are strategies and ways to argue that the average person does not understand.  I gather that may come off as smug.  It is also truthful.

Can I Do Your Job?

When clients come to me and ask if they should go it alone my response is usually you could do that, but would you perform surgery on a very important medical issue?  What would happen if I tried to do your job?  Would I screw it up?  Probably.

The other thing to consider is the sophistication level of a BILLION dollar company.  Insurance companies are not stupid.  Their adjusters and lawyers are experienced.  It sounds doomsday what I am saying, but they will pretend to be your best friend and then screw you over.  Money they keep stays with them.

Free Evaluation

If you are considering representing yourself, please call my office at 502-779-9998 for a free evaluation of your case.  Every case at my office the lawyer does not get compensated until the client’s case is resolved.  I will work hard on your case and have a fiduciary responsibility to work in the best interest of my client.  Nobody wants to pay a lawyer, but if it results in more money you should consider it.

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