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Thank you so much to Dettman Law for donating a Wii and Wii fit board for the Fayette County DCBS office!! Now the kiddos having to stay in the office will have some entertainment!
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About Roo’s Mission from

Roo’s Inspiration: In 2016, a radiant little girl named Roo graced our lives. Though she speaks few words, her heartwarming smile and indomitable spirit inspire us daily. Roo constantly motivates us to persevere and make a difference. Witnessing her defy medical expectations has been a profound journey for us.

Luggage & Blankets Initiative: In Kentucky, children entering foster care were often given trash bags for their belongings, a practice we found deeply unsettling. We believe every child deserves more than a garbage bag for their cherished items. Recognizing the emotional comfort a personal blanket can provide, especially when moving between homes, we’ve collected over 6,000 duffel bags, blankets, and pieces of luggage. These are given to children, ensuring they have something personal during transitions. Support our cause by donating duffel bags at Louisville Laser or through our Amazon link.

Room Remodels: Our community shares our vision of enhancing the lives of foster children. Foster visitation rooms, where children have supervised meetings with their biological parents, often lack warmth and comfort. We aim to infuse these spaces with color, love, and interactive games to foster positive memories. With the community’s generous support, we’ve transformed 11 rooms and counting.

Shoes Drive: Winter can be harsh, especially without proper footwear. Many foster children face this reality. Our mission is to ensure every child has warm, fitting shoes. With the community’s help, we’ve donated over 300 pairs to date.

School Kits: Entering foster care during the school year often means children lack essential school supplies. In collaboration with Kroger, we’ve distributed over 300 school kits, ensuring every child has the tools for academic success.

Jackets & Hoodies: Upon learning that many children enter foster care without jackets, we took immediate action. Thanks to generous business donations, we swiftly provided 100 jackets to those in need.

Christmas Stockings: No child should wake up on Christmas morning without a stocking filled with treats. We aimed to provide 500 stockings but, with overwhelming support, managed to collect 1,300. It was a heartwarming experience to handpick items, reminding these children of their worth.

Join us in our mission, and together, let’s make a difference in the lives of foster children.



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