I know what lawyers will be hired on the other side just by the location of my clients fall .

I’ve reached the point where I know what lawyers will be hired on the other side just by the location of my clients fall ????. That helps in sending letters of representation and spoliation letters ASAP! #personalinjury#lawyer#litigation#fracturedcoccyx

Tips for dealing with injuries caused by negligence

  • If injured due to another’s negligence, consider a personal injury lawsuit.
  • Lawsuits can recover damages from incidents like slips, vehicle accidents, etc.
  • Preserve all relevant evidence to strengthen your case.
  • The at-fault party might possess crucial evidence, e.g., surveillance videos.
  • Surveillance footage is often saved only for a limited time before deletion.
  • Without timely action, evidence like a slip-and-fall video might be lost.
  • Some stores or defendants might intentionally or unintentionally destroy evidence if they are not directed to preserve that evidence.
  • Act promptly post-accident to preserve all evidence.
  • Consult with personal injury attorneys, like Dettman Law, for guidance on preserving evidence and maximizing compensation.

What is a Spoliation Letter or Evidence Preservation Letter?

  • A preservation letter is also known as a preservation demand or notice.
  • It’s a written request from a plaintiff’s legal team to the defendant.
  • The letter asks the defendant to preserve evidence relevant to the case.
  • Evidence can include videos, photos, surveillance, witness statements, and documents.
  • Electronically stored information (ESI) like emails is also considered evidence.
  • For motor vehicle accidents, the letter may request preserving the vehicle for inspection.
  • In cases involving commercial vehicles, it might ask for driver’s logs or company records.


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