What is the Average Car Crash Settlement in Louisville, Kentucky?

As a car crash lawyer I get asked weekly about the average value of a car crash case. Some lawyers will tell you right away “your case is worth X amount.” That is a marketing ploy. They are lying to you if they provide a detailed number. Without knowing the extent of all the damages AKA medical expenses, recovery timeline, lost work, the lawyer is guessing. The answer to this question depends on 1) what is wrong with you 2) is the liability and coverage situation helpful. Who you choose as a lawyer is also VERY important. Here is some starting point information:

Legal Trifecta

There are 3 elements to a successful personal injury case: liability, damages, and coverage. Two of these won’t cut it. You need the trifecta to have a valuable case. For example, if you have good liability and bad damages without coverage the case isn’t worth much unless you got hit by someone with significant assets. If you have bad damages and great insurance coverage but are at fault for the crash there isn’t a case worth pursuing. You need ALL three elements to have a case.

Case Value Driver – Extent of Injury and Medical Expenses

There are important factors in determining value. As a personal injury lawyer the amount of damage to the person is the most relevant to my evaluation. The general rule is this: the more hurt you are the “better” your case is from a payout perspective. It means that a surgery case is going to be paid out higher than five visits to the physical therapist. The second thing I look at is the amount of medical expenses and consistency of treatment. As a lawyer I can ask a jury for the medical expenses. When my client has $2,000.00 that is different than when they have $200,000.00. The level of property damage is also relevant to this scenario. Its not impossible to be very hurt from a small impact, but it makes the argument better if the damage shows how the injury could have happened.

Case Value Driver- Extent of Insurance Coverage and Defendant Assets

There are two pockets of money to pursue: the other person’s insurance and your insurance. As a car crash lawyer we first look to the other person’s carrier. Hopefully they have a lot of insurance coverage. If they don’t it can become a problem. Next step is to see if the defendant has money. If they do you can pursue their assets – but that is unusual. If the other person doesn’t have insurance or enough insurance we look to your carrier for uninsured or underinsured motorist coverage. This coverage steps in the shoes of at fault driver if they don’t have coverage. If the other driver does not have coverage/assets AND you don’t have underinsured/unsured motorist coverage there isn’t a case to pursue.

Side Note: People ask me why can’t I sue the other driver? You can. The problem is squeezing blood out of a rock. It doesn’t work and you lose time/money while trying.

Case Value Driver – Loss of Earnings and Impairment

Your ability to make money is important! A defendant preventing you from working is responsible for the loss of income. That person is also responsible for loss of future income. Car crash lawyers call this impairment. The way we prove this is 1) doctor takes you off work and 2) proof of employment. Significant lost wages means your recovery can be higher. Short term disability comes into play here. That is a whole other discussion.


So what is the average value? IF there is insurance, AND you are hurt, AND the liability is good THAN a good car crash lawyer can take a look at combined factors and give you a ballpark range. If your lawyer is garbage throw all those things out the window. And you only really get to hire the right lawyer from the get-go. Do your research and choose wisely.

Do I Provide Value Estimates When Treatment is Finished? Yes, I can tell you a ballpark range value once treatment is finished. Like most areas of law there are exceptions to everything. The good news is that consultations are free at Dettman Law. You can email bdettman@dettmanlawgroup.com to set up a free evaluation. Do it before the statute of limitations runs please. Here is a link to further information: