How Long Can I Wait Before I Make A Claim?

How Long Can I Wait Before I Make A Claim?

The statute of limitations on a Kentucky personal injury lawsuit is one year.  The statute of limitations on a Kentucky car crash is two years.  This can be extended by personal injury protection benefits.  This blog post discusses how long you can wait to make a claim in Kentucky.

Do Not Wait.

It is a TERRIBLE idea to wait to the last minute to file a claim.  There is a good chance lawyers will not touch your case if the statute of limitations is about to run.  I get calls about once a month from someone that waited to long to file a claim and caused harm to the case.  Sometimes I can fix the damage.  More often than not the damage is irreparable.

Call A Lawyer – It Is Free

Your best move is to contact a lawyer RIGHT AWAY after an injury.  This applies to every type of injury case including slip and fall, car crash, medical malpractice, products liability, and EVERY other type of personal injury case.  The lawyer you hire will want to investigate the facts of the case and make sure the other side does not get information that will damage your recovery.

I received a call on a car crash regarding multiple fractures and surgeries this morning.  The potential client was planning on hanging up with me and contacting her insurance carrier.  This was a bad idea as the insurance company actively seeks to minimize the value of claims.  I advised the client to let the lawyer handle the insurance company and let me do my job.

Is It Too Late?

If you have waited a long time to make a claim it is still worth having a lawyer take a look.  There are cases I can “fix” of where the insurance company is offering WAY less because they are trying to take advantage of an unrepresented party.

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