Is A Lawyer Resolving Your Injury Case For Less Than Full Value?

Is A Lawyer Resolving Your Injury Case For Less Than Full Value?

Something clients do not really think about is how their lawyer compensated by his or her law firm.  Big firms have plenty of associates.  This type of lawyer is often paid by an “eat what you kill” method or percentage of the fee.  Think salesperson.  The question is whether or not this compensation structure leads to an associate to resolving your case quick and cheap.  Lets look at an example:


Pretend the associate handling at case gets 25% of the attorney fee from his/her law firm.  Offer of $25,000.00 is on the table, but the case is really worth $35,000.00.  The difference in fee for the associate attorney is roughly $825.00.  To litigate and get to $35,000.00 is going to take some time/work, but it’s an additional $5,000.00 for the client.  Is the associate lawyer going to “T it up” for an additional $825.00 dollars or take $2,081.00 and call it a day?  What if the associate is firm hopping?  Or is the associate going to look at the big picture?  If the case is resolved for $25,000.00 what kind of message does that teach the insurance company/defense lawyer about the associate attorney and or firm?

Steps to Prevent

Should the managing partner have final say on what resolves and what is litigated (along with client consent)?  I think that adequately protects clients from the self interest of associate lawyers.  At Dettman Law all injury and car crash cases are looked at from the big picture analysis.  I’m not resolving a case fast and cheap to get money in the door.  I’m resolving cases for full value.

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