Sexual Abuse

Can I sue for sexual abuse?

Can I sue for Sexual Abuse?

Victims of sexual assault or sexual abuse can file a case in civil court against the perpetrator, and in some cases, additional parties.

Who can sue for damages from Child Sexual Abuse or Assault?

Both the child and the child’s legal caregiver, including birth parents or otherwise legally responsible persons can sue for child sexual abuse. The child, usually represented by a parent or guardian. Victims of child sexual abuse may pursue justice through both the criminal and civil courts.

Can Employer Negligence be liable for Enabling Sexual Assault?

Having a comprehensive company sexual assault policy doesn’t make a company invulnerable to responsibility for negligence in regards to responding to sexual harassment claims and maintaining a safe environment for employees. An employer could be held liable for not correcting hostile working conditions or reprimanding quid pro quo harassment regardless of the policy on the books.

Frequently Asked Questions About Sexual Abuse

You can sue for sexual abuse in Kentucky. A personal injury lawyer handles cases like this. The case will be against the abuser and potentially an employer of the abuser. Damages include past/present/future emotional and physical pain and suffering, medical bills, lost wages, and loss of future income. The consultation with a personal injury lawyer …
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In Kentucky you can claim past, present, future emotional and physical pain and suffering, medical expenses, economic damages, and punitive damages in a civil case from a sexual assault. The jury will award you money or an insurance company will pay to resolve the case before trial. A personal injury lawyer handles cases like this. …
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You can sue for past sexual abuse or harassment in Kentucky if the lawsuit is filed within the statute of limitations. Absent an exception the statute of limitations on a sexual abuse case is one year. A personal injury lawyer can help with your case. The consultation should be free.

In Kentucky a sexual assault case is proven in court by evidence. This includes physical evidence like a rape kit or medical report and also includes the testimony of the witnesses. A jury will determine which side is successful at trial. The majority of cases do not go to trial and settle beforehand. A personal …
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You can sue a college campus or organization for being negligent and not responding appropriately that resulted in sexual assault or sexual harassment. In Kentucky the college or organization has a duty to students. This duty is breached when the defendant fails to respond in an appropriate manner and someone is hurt. A personal injury …
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In Kentucky you should not have to pay out of pocket to hire a lawyer on a sexual assault case. Most personal injury lawyers work on a contingency basis. This means they only get paid if you win or settle the case. A personal injury lawyer that makes you pay up front for representation probably …
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