Sexual Abuse

Can I sue for sexual abuse?

Can I sue for Sexual Abuse?

Victims of sexual assault or sexual abuse can file a case in civil court against the perpetrator, and in some cases, additional parties.

Who can sue for damages from Child Sexual Abuse or Assault?

Both the child and the child’s legal caregiver, including birth parents or otherwise legally responsible persons can sue for child sexual abuse. The child, usually represented by a parent or guardian. Victims of child sexual abuse may pursue justice through both the criminal and civil courts.

Can Employer Negligence be liable for Enabling Sexual Assault?

Having a comprehensive company sexual assault policy doesn’t make a company invulnerable to responsibility for negligence in regards to responding to sexual harassment claims and maintaining a safe environment for employees. An employer could be held liable for not correcting hostile working conditions or reprimanding quid pro quo harassment regardless of the policy on the books.

Frequently Asked Questions About Sexual Abuse

There are a few different persons that are potentially responsible for a sexual assault at work in Kentucky. The first is the person that commits the assault. The second is those that assist the person that commits the assault. The third is the business for preventing the assault or permitting the assault to happen on …
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A criminal prosecution is not the only remedy for a sexual abuse case. That is the criminal aspect of a case. There is also a civil portion that can be prosecuted by a personal injury lawyer. Damages for pain and suffering, emotional abuse, medical bills, lost wages, counseling, and punitive damages are part of the …
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You can sue for sexual assault in Kentucky. The case will be against the person that committed the assault and other defendants responsible for safety. For example, if an assault takes place in a hotel the lawsuit will likely include the hotel for negligent security. If the assault took place on campus, bar, or place …
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The victim of a sexual assault or abuse can file a personal injury case in Kentucky. The lawsuit will be filed against the responsible party or parties. A personal injury lawyer will likely work on the case without getting paid until you win or settle the case. Make sure to consult with a lawyer as …
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You can sue for sexual assault that happened while you were in the care of an institution, organization or medical facility. A personal injury lawyer will file a lawsuit against all potential parties for your damages. Punitive damages may also be available. In Kentucky most personal injury lawyers work on contingency meaning you don’t pay …
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In Kentucky you can sue more than one person for sexual assault. You can sue all those that committed the assault and those that were responsible for the actions of the assaulter. A personal injury lawyer can help make the determination of who to sue. Damages in a case like this include past/present/future emotional and …
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