Motorcycle Accident or Injury

What should I do if I am hurt or injured in a Motorcycle Accident? Do I need a Lawyer?

How can a Personal Injury Attorney help me? How much does a Personal Injury Attorney cost? Will I have to go to trial for my Motorcycle Accident case? These are some of the may questions you may be asking yourself if you have been in a Motorcycle Accident or Injury.

Did you know motorcyclists are 26 times more likely to die in a traffic accident than someone in a car, and five times as likely to be hurt?

Eight million or more Americans ride motorcycles, while anyone might guess that an accident on a motorcycle can be even more dangerous than in a car, did ou know that it can be even more treacherous and complicated to resolve financially. Motorcycle accidents are different than car accidents in many ways. Motorcycle accidents usually cause more severe injuries to the victims with lasting and serious impact on a person’s quality of life. When handled well this can result in higher settlement offers to cover these needs, or if mishandled it can result in further suffering for the injured motorcyclist. Motorcycle accidents also have different legal issues when it comes to fault, negligence and other factors such as whether or not they were wearing protective gear. Consulting an attorney for legal advice as soon as possible may be the best way to ensure you address the factors of your case and receive the compensation you deserve.

Top Motorcycle injury claim questions we can help with:

  1. Do I have a case? – Our legal professionals can determine if you have a motorcycle accident case.
  2. What’s my case worth? – We’ll help you understand what’s important in building a successful case.
  3. Do I need an attorney? – You may have heard that stereotypes can limit compensation for motorcycle riders after an accident. It is no always true but knowing when to hire an attorney can make all the difference in the outcome of your case. The process can be confusing, but we’ll answer your questions.
  4. Who pays my medical bills? – After a motorcycle injury, it’s important to know who’s responsible for your medical costs.  having an attorney on your side can ensure you know about all of your options without having to guess and hope the things you are agreeing to and accepting are all that you deserve and are legally entitled to.
  5. How much does it cost? – Our case reviews are absolutely free, and There is NO UP FRONT FEE for our services.
  6. As a motorcyclist, what do I need to know about fault, damages, time limits and state laws in Kentucky? – Compensation in motorcycle cases will differ by many factors, and each case is unique. This is why having a skilled motorcycle accident injury attorney help you make decisions and take action so you can navigate the exact requirements for fault, damages, time limits and state laws in Kentucky that can make a huge difference in your settlement outcome.
  7. What is Negligence? – Negligence means a driver was careless and their actions caused injuries, which could be serious and have caused you to suffer damages.
  8. What are Non-economic damages? – Non-economic damages that cannot be easily accounted for, such as pain and suffering. There are no precise guidelines for these damages and this is where a lawyer can be very helpful in your case and determining a settlement.
  9. Should you settle or sue? – This is the most important question for a motorcycle accident victim. There are many things to consider from the strength of your case to your current need for financial settlement.

Frequently Asked Questions About Motorcycle Accident or Injury

Litigation means that a lawsuit has been filed at the courthouse.  The minute the Clerk of Court stamps the Complaint litigation commences.  This post discusses litigation in the context of personal injury and car crash cases. When Does Litigation Happen Sometimes litigation happens right away in a case.   Other cases a lawsuit is not filed …
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You can sue for damages due to a motorcycle crash if you are hurt. This includes road rash, back injury, soft tissue, MRI, broken bone, surgery, and other types of injuries. The important thing is to get the medical treatment you need. Consult with a lawyer to evaluate your case. The consultation should be free.

In Kentucky you can sue if your career has been ruined by a motorcycle injury accident. Lost wages and loss of future income are recoverable damages in a personal injury lawsuit. A vocational expert may be necessary to prove your damages. I have represented mechanics who can’t use their wrist post motorcycle crash. There are …
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In the Commonwealth of Kentucky you can sue for PTSD or chronic pain syndrome after a motorcycle crash. Damage in a personal injury lawsuit includes past/present/future emotional and physical pain and suffering. If you are hurt it is important to document your injuries and get the treatment you need to get better.

PTSD is an injury and you can sue for PTSD due to a motorcycle crash. You will need to prove PTSD through the testimony of a medical professional. Medical records and bills can also help prove your claim. Consult with an experienced motorcycle crash lawyer for information on how to prove you have PTSD after …
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Smoking marijuana can affect your motorcycle accident lawsuit. Your medical records may be introduced in evidence. There is no guarantee a judge agrees to cut this out of your records and if a jury sees marijuana they might hold it against you.

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