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  • The insurance company is pressuring me to settle in a drunk driver. Should I speak to a lawyer first? image

    If an insurance company is pressuring you to settle with a drunk driver you should ABSOLUTELY speak to a lawyer first. The insurance company isn’t your friend. They want to pay you as little as possible to resolve the claim. A personal injury lawyer can hold their feet to the fire and have them pay …
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  • Can an estate sue for wrongful death? image

    Yes, in Kentucky an estate can sue for wrongful death. This happens all the time. Kentucky revised statute 411.130, the wrongful death statute, permits the administrator of an estate to pursue the defendant for damages. In a wrongful death case this includes conscious emotional and physical pain and suffering, medical expenses, lost wages, and possibly …
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  • Can I sue a business for an injury caused by a wet floor if there is a sign? image

    You can sue a business for an injury caused by a wet floor even if there is a sign. This will be a difficult case. You will need to prove that 1) you didn’t see the sign or 2) that even with you seeing the sign you couldn’t help but fall. A business isn’t entitled …
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  • How much is a sexual assault case worth? image

    There is no set amount for a sexual assault case. Some cases are worth upper seven or eight figures. A jury will determine or an insurance company will settle for damages including past, present, future emotional and physical pain and suffering, medical expenses in the past and future, economic damages like lost wages, and punitive …
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  • What is the time frame for suing someone for a motorcycle accident? image

    In Kentucky you have two years from the date of the crash or two years from the date of the last PIP payment to sue the at fault driver. Failing to file or resolve within this timeframe means you do not have a case. If the person is under age 18 when the crash occurs …
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  • How much is the average bone break personal injury settlement? image

    There is no average settlement on a bone break case. Just like there is no average person there is no average injury or case. The value of a case is determined by the severity of the break, recovery period, pain and suffering, medical expenses, lost wages, loss of future income, scarring, and other factors. Broken …
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  • Can I sue for compensation for vertebrae compression or fracture from a car accident? image

    You can sue for compensation for a vertebrae compression or fracture from a car crash. These cases are often worth a significant amount of money because a fracture is a serious injury. It is possible to prove a fracture through diagnostic testing that is difficult to question from an insurance perspective. This means that you …
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  • Are drugs as well as alcohol prohibited substances while boating? image

    In Kentucky drugs are prohibited on a boat the same way they are prohibited on land. It is also illegal to drink and drive while boating. Consuming alcohol while driving a boat can be prosecuted for driving under the influence. Impaired, drunk, or unsafe driving can open the driver up to liability and criminal prosecution.

  • What are the different types of malpractice? image

    Malpractice in Kentucky includes: failure to diagnose, misdiagnosis, malpractice in birth delivery, malpractice in surgery, prescribing the wrong medication, and various other forms of a doctor not living up to the standard of care and thereby causing injury. If you believe you have been the victim of medical malpractice it is important to speak to …
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