What Do I Do When My Foster Kid Is Hurt Or In A Car Crash?

This one is personal for me. I adopted two boys from foster care and my wife still makes all the Wednesday’s Child videos in Louisville. When a foster kid is injured there are certain steps that need to be taken. Last week I received a call from a current/former client about her foster daughter. A neighbors dog bit the child’s hand and my client was unsure of the next steps. This blog post discusses what you should do if your foster kid is injured as a result of negligence.

foster kid injury photo of knee

Get Necessary Medical Treatment For Your Injured Foster Kid.

As foster parents we had our Caseworkers phone number saved in our phone favorites in case the boys got hurt. Our little guy smashed his teeth on a playground one morning and I remember taking him to the hospital for treatment. Most hospitals are pretty good of understanding the situation if you have appropriate documentation. Whether it is a car crash, dog bite, or other injury case getting property medical care is the number one concern. And make sure to document everything for the Caseworker.

Who Signs The Paperwork?

The Caseworker assigned to your case is the appropriate person to sign legal documents on behalf of the Commonwealth for your injured foster kid. The decision is not left up to the Bio Parents or the Foster Parents because your foster child is technically a ward of the Commonwealth. If your Foster Kid is hurt it is important to speak to the Case Worker ASAP for various reporting reasons. You can also speak to them about hiring a lawyer. Here is how you contact the Cabinet: https://www.chfs.ky.gov/Pages/contact.aspx

What Happens To The Settlement or Verdict Money?

Once a resolution is reached the lawyer will petition the Court to approve the settlement. This means the money goes into a blocked account at the bank. The child will get the money when he or she turns 18 years old. The only way to get the money out sooner is to petition the Court. You will need to show the money is being used in the best interest of the child. Courts approve things like computers and cars. They don’t approve dirtbikes or wants.

If you have questions please email Brian Dettman at bdettman@dettmanlawgroup.com. Consultations are always free and lower rates are available for foster children.