The adjuster is using the police report to argue…

Photo on a personal injury attorney's website featuring a sign that reads 'Police Report and Fault - Do Not Trust the Adjuster'. The sign is designed to catch attention, with bold, clear lettering against a contrasting background. It is positioned to suggest its relevance in a legal context, especially in cases where insurance adjusters are involved. The image serves to convey the attorney's message about the importance of legal representation and caution when dealing with insurance claims following an accident.

For the second time in two weeks a friend contacted me and told me their insurance company is eating liability based on a police report. In both circumstances my friends are adamant they are not responsible for the crash. Meanwhile the adjuster is using the police report to argue with my friends. Let’s be clear: the police are not on scene when the report is written. Absent an exception, THE POLICE REPORT IS HEARSAY. Don’t let an adjuster trick you and close out their file really fast because it’s easy to blame the police report. #lawyer #attorney #louisville #DettmanLaw #admissionexception


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