Insurance Bad Faith

Can you sue insurance companies for not paying out legitimate claims?

What is insurance bad faith claim?
When you file an insurance claim with an insurance company, by law, in any state, that company owes you a duty to act in good faith. Bad faith claims and lawsuits may stem from one or more of a number of actions or inactions by the insurance company from denial of coverage to failure to negotiate a settlement.

Frequently Asked Questions About Insurance Bad Faith

You can sue your insurance company for taking a very long time to process a claim. Whether or not you are successful will depend on the facts and circumstances. If liability is clear the investigation shouldn’t take a long time. If there are a bunch of different entities and complicated facts then the investigation is …
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Your insurance company has a duty to act in your best interests. They are obligated to defend you in a lawsuit. Whether or not they committed bad faith is a factual determination. For example, if you only had minimum limits and caused a really bad injury the insurance company should have tendered the limits. If …
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You can sue an insurance company for failing to defend you in a lawsuit. This is accomplished by the filing of a declaratory action (dec action). A lawyer can ask a judge to determine whether or not you were covered. If the judge determines that coverage was valid the insurance company is obligated to defend …
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You know if your insurance company is providing you with a fair settlement by consulting with a personal injury lawyer. The insurance company exists to make money. They don’t make money by paying you money. As a result, they will likely low ball you without a lawyer. Consulting with a lawyer should be free.

If your insurance company is treating you like a criminal during a claim process you should speak to a lawyer. The insurance company is unlikely to want to help you if they are already hassling you. A lawyer can ensure that the insurance company acts fairly during a claim process.

If your insurance company is using confusing legal and technical terms to deny a claim you should speak to a lawyer. Lawyers deal with insurance companies and technical terms every day. We understand what the insurance company is trying to do and may be able to help if the insurance company wrongfully denied a claim. …
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