Delivery Service Injuries

Can I sue a delivery or ride-sharing company if they are responsible for my injuries?

Yes, you can sue an Uber driver if you are injured in an accident in Kentucky.  This is called a bodily injury case/claim.  The insurance company for Uber will cover their driver up a certain amount of money.  The driver may also have his/her own personal insurance available.  As the passenger in the vehicle, you did nothing wrong.  You could also have a claim against the other vehicle involved.  Hiring a personal injury lawyer is a smart thing to do.  I would not speak to any insurance companies or Uber without a lawyer present. 

Frequently Asked Questions About Delivery Service Injuries

If you get sick from eating food after a delivery it probably makes more sense to sue the restaurant.  This is fact specific.  If the food delivery company caused or contributed personally  to the sickness by altering the food it might make sense to sue them as well.  Hire an experienced injury lawyer ASAP on …
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After an accident with a food delivery driver call an ambulance and the police.  Make sure they take a report.  If you can take photos of the crash scene and other persons tag.  Seek the follow up treatment you need for injuries and call an experienced personal injury lawyer.  My office has sued food delivery …
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In a food delivery driver car accident you sue any and all responsible parties.  This includes the drivers and the food delivery company.  Cases like this have tricky rules as far as different cause of action to file in a Complaint.  Releasing the wrong party can also cause a world of problems.  Hire an experienced …
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There is no set amount of money you can get from a DoorDash driver accident settlement.  The amount you get depends on a variety of factors including liability and damages.  Damages means how hurt you are.  A quick hospital visit is worth less than a lifetime of recovery.  Liability is also relevant.  What exactly did …
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There is a lawsuit against DoorDash if their driver breaches one of the roadway duties and causes injury.  Damages on a case like this include medical expenses, lost wages, and pain and suffering.  Contact a personal injury lawyer before you speak to any insurance companies.

There may be a lawsuit against UberEats if one of their drivers commits negligence and hurts someone.  In this circumstance you sue the at fault driver and UberEats for damages.  A personal injury lawyer can help walk you through your options and how to pursue a case like this.  

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