Injury Lawyers Make the World Safer

Injury Lawyers Make the World Safer

Injury lawyers post all over billboards, bus stops, and the internet about how much money they recover.  I’m guilty.  When you couple this with the attacks from insurance companies it makes it look like injury lawyers aren’t creating societal good.

What you don’t hear enough about is the changes we make in the behavior of corporations.  That doesn’t “sell” to potential clients, but it should.

For the past three years I have changed how companies operate.

First, I sued a delivery company and altered how they incentivize and advertise.  The next year I sued a day care facility.  They now operate in a safer manner.  And last week I resolved a case against the manufacturer of an elastic necklace that hurt a little girl.  The necklace is no longer sold.

Lets keep in mind that I’m one of thousands of injury lawyers.

So the next time you see a ‘big money” billboard or an advertisement from an insurance company painting injury lawyers in a bad light think of this post.  Some of us are out there to do good, prevent companies from hurting people, and change the behavior of billion dollar corporations.

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