I Made a Lot of Money This Year Social Media Posts on Injury Cases

I Made a Lot of Money This Year Social Media Posts on Injury Cases

I was born in 1982.  As a result, I’m basically on every form of social media available.  I’m also a plaintiff’s lawyer so a lot of PI ads pop up on my feed.  Towards the end of the year its almost a requirement that a PI lawyer posts something like: My Firm Resolved X Million Dollars Worth of Cases This Year!”

I’m not sure how I feel about these posts.  Is there any other business in America where it is appropriate to tell everyone how much money you made?   Do cardiologists post about fixing five hundred hearts this past year?  Are lawyers basically just Birdman posting about driving Bentleys and eating lobster?


(I get that this photo is insane, thanks)

I can’t explain why, but I’m ok with lawyers posting about a specific case they resolved, but I’d like details about initial offer, facts, etc to see if someone really did a good job.

I really wish there was some way for PI lawyers to advertise something like “I really helped this client who was struggling financially to stay afloat after this crash.  I was always available to help this client and did everything I could to ensure a positive result.  At the end of the day I really made a difference in this clients life.”  But that honestly isn’t as impactful in our Kardashian World as “I’m RICH!”

I do get saying you recovered X is basically advertising and letting the world know that you are a successful lawyer.  My take is this info probably belongs on a website.  And don’t get me wrong, I’m happy that PI lawyers are sticking it to insurance companies.  I’d rather see “competition” do good than big insurance stick it to the little guy.  The question is how can lawyers find a way to say “I’m successful” without the unhumble brag?

FYI, if you are wondering if I’m posting this because I had a crap year….I didn’t.  I had my best year yet.  And also, I haven’t seen a I Made A Lot of Money This Year Post yet, so this isn’t about anyone in particular.

Advertising Material.  Not really, just my thoughts for www.louisville-injury-lawyer.com

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