How Do I Report A Dog Bite To Animal Control?

Here is a very quick answer on how you report a dog bite to Animal Control :

image depicts Louisville Animal Control Logo

Dog Bites/Attacks

A dog that has bitten a human must be captured and appropriately quarantined for a ten-day period. Dog bites should be reported to Metro Animal Services as soon as possible by calling the shelter at 253-299-PETS.  If the bite requires medical attention, call 911 to notify an animal control officer.

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You can report the following problems:

Threats to Public Safety

Threats include but are not limited to:

Dogs running loose that have bitten a human

Vicious or scared dogs running in traffic or in neighborhoods

Loose horses or livestock roaming in traffic

How Does Animal Control Help My Dog Bite Case?

If the dog owner pleads guilty to anything related to the bite it will help the civil case. That is why it is important to report a dog bite to Animal Control. Collateral Estoppel is a fancy legal term that means if you plead guilty in criminal court you can’t go back and argue something different in civil court. So if the dog owner says the dog bit someone in criminal or animal violation court it can be used in the civil court to prove your case.

As a dog bite lawyer I do something different than the prosecutors. My job is to recover money for my clients. The prosecutors job is to protect the interests of the Commonwealth. My clients are the victims in the criminal case and have a right to participate, but it is the prosecutor that makes the final call. This often throws people for a loop because they think the government works for them. I’ve often had success dealing directly with the prosecutor on behalf of my clients. Being a former prosecutor helps there. I want the prosecutor to secure a conviction as it helps with the civil case.

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