How Do I Get A Lawyer To Take My Case?

How Do I Get A Lawyer To Take My Case?

Personal injury and car crash lawyers work on contingency.  This means that we do not get paid until a case resolves and are paid a percentage of the recovery.  As a result, we must be selective in the type of cases the law firm signs.  A law firm cannot help people if it is operating at a loss.

Let me first say that this post isn’t a sympathy play for lawyers.  I genuinely enjoy being a lawyer, but some people approach the hiring of a lawyer in the wrong manner.   This blog post attempts to give you some help finding a lawyer to work on your case.

Right Type Of Law

Make sure you are contacting the right type of lawyer.  Potential clients need to do their research on the internet and pin down a specific practice area.  If you ask me to take a domestic violence case that involves injury it is not in my wheelhouse.  Trying to hire a bankruptcy lawyer to do personal injury is a bit like hiring a brain doctor to do a heart surgery.  Geography, license, and practice area are very important.

Someone contacted me from Arizona this week.  I’m in Kentucky.  My guess is they ran out of lawyers to contact in Arizona….aka no lawyer thought it was a case :(

Too Much Information

I get novels sent to me in the form of emails every so often.   They contain every single detail of someone trying to “sell” me their case.  In order to do an initial evaluation of the case I need two paragraphs: 1) What caused the injury 2) Describe the injury.  If the lawyer is interested in the case he/she will eventually want all the details, but if you send pages upon pages the lawyer is likely to be disinterested.

Guarantee This Is Worth A Lot

If you find yourself saying “this is a million dollar case” or “I’m giving you first crack at this before I contact other lawyers” I am not interested in your case.  If a potential client tells me they “know” how things work I can already tell you that person is going to be a problematic.  I’m going to spend more time on the client than I am on the actual case.  That is not a good scenario for anyone.

If you have already contacted more than three lawyers that have turned down the case it is unlikely worth what you think.  Sorry to be the bearer of bad news.  But lawyers do not turn down cases where they think there is a lot of money to be had.  If you reach five lawyers and they all turn it down it might be time to seriously re-evaluate.

Each and every case we work on is different.  Damages, liability, insurance coverage are non-negotiable for the lawyer.  I either have every element or no case.  When someone starts talking about valuation without having all the above information, I become skeptical.

Be Nice

I genuinely like my clients and want to help them.  Potential clients are frustrated when they call me because something has gone haywire.  Calling up and yelling at a lawyer that is trying to help you doesn’t really move the case forward in a positive manner.  Your lawyer wants to help and do a good job, but we are not licensed psychiatrists or doctors.

As a lawyer I want my clients to have access, information, and a positive outcome at the end of the case. Eliminating cases helps me to work on the cases where I can help.  Here is to hoping you find the right lawyer for your case!

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