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What damages am I entitled to recover in my spinal cord injury case?

On a spinal cord injury case you can recover the following damages: medical expenses, lost wages, loss of future income, past/present/future emotional and physical pain and suffering, and possibly punitive damages.  You prove these damages through evidence and testimony.  There is no limit to the amount of recovery.  It will be up to an insurance …
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How can car accidents result in spinal cord injury?

Cars weigh thousands of pounds and travel at high rates of speed.  When they come into contact, persons inside the vehicles feel the force and impact which can result in a spinal cord injury.  Brain injury, torn shoulders, fractures, and other injuries also happen when cars crash.

What are the leading causes of spinal cord injuries?

Car crashes, sports injuries, age, falls, work injuries, and a variety of other sources cause spinal cord injuries.  These types of injuries are often life changing.  If you have been injured as a result of a third party committing negligence speak with an experienced personal injury lawyer ASAP.  The consultation should be free.