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Can you sue a police officer personally?

You can sue a police officer personally. I have sued them and what normally happens is the police department or government hires a defense lawyer to handle the case. That defense lawyer will either resolve the case or have it go to trial. If damages are awarded or the case settles than the city or …
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How much can you sue for police misconduct?

There is no limit to how much you can sue for police misconduct. It is possible that there are limits on what is paid. The case is worth what a defendant/insurance company will pay or what a jury will give you. Some cases are worth nothing and others tens of millions of dollars. An experienced …
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What happens if constitutional rights are violated?

If your constitutional rights are violated than you can file a lawsuit against the wrongdoer. It really depends what rights were violated. If you don’t have large damages it will be hard to find a lawyer to handle the case on contingency. You may be able to get a non-profit entity to pursue the case …
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Can police be sued for negligence?

The police can be sued for negligence. I have sued police officers for negligence in car crash cases. When that happens the city hires a lawyer to defend the individual police officer. When damages are paid or awarded the city or their insurance company puts up the money. My office in Jefferson County Kentucky handles …
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Is police brutality illegal?

Police brutality is illegal from a criminal standpoint. It is also actionable in a civil lawsuit for damages. Damages include past/present/future emotional and physical pain and suffering, medical expenses, lost wages, and loss of future income. If you have been hurt from police brutality than speak to a personal injury lawyer.

Is there a law against police brutality?

There are laws against police brutality. The police can be charged with committing crimes in Kentucky. Police brutality normally refers to the police seriously injuring someone while executing their duties. The police aren’t allowed to use more force than is necessary. If they use excessive force than you could sue for damages. A personal injury …
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Is it hard to sue the police department?

It is difficult to sue the police department because of sovereign immunity. This is an old legal theory that prevents the state from being sued. The better route in Kentucky is to sue the individual police officers. It’s not impossible to sue the department, but suing the officers that committed the wrongful or negligent act …
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Can police change a police report?

The police can change a police report, but it doesn’t happen that often. Five years ago you could ask for an amended police report in Jefferson County, Kentucky and if warranted the police would change it. Nowadays that rarely happens. This does not mean the police report is the final determinant of what happened. A …
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