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What can I do if the insurance adjuster missed things on his report?

If an insurance adjuster missed things on a report you should write a letter asking for an explanation of why things were missed. Keep the letter short, sweet, and to the point. That should put pressure on the insurance company because a document exists. Do not have further verbal communication with the insurance company. If …
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Can I sue an insurance company for failing to defend me in a lawsuit?

You can sue an insurance company for failing to defend you in a lawsuit. This is accomplished by the filing of a declaratory action (dec action). A lawyer can ask a judge to determine whether or not you were covered. If the judge determines that coverage was valid the insurance company is obligated to defend …
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How do I know if my insurance company is providing me with a fair settlement?

You know if your insurance company is providing you with a fair settlement by consulting with a personal injury lawyer. The insurance company exists to make money. They don’t make money by paying you money. As a result, they will likely low ball you without a lawyer. Consulting with a lawyer should be free.