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Is my childcare center responsible for my child’s injury?

Your childcare center can be responsible for your child’s injuries. Make sure to get medical treatment first. Try to get the facts from the facility. Call a personal injury lawyer that has experience in childcare center negligence cases.

Can I sue my childcare provider for giving my child food poisoning?

In Kentucky you can sue your childcare provider for giving your child food poisoning if you can show negligence on behalf of the facility. An example is rotten food. If the facility provides rotten food and your child is sick that would be evidence of negligence. A consultation with a personal injury lawyer should be …
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A few days ago, my child broke their wrist at daycare and I’m still being charged for daycare while I keep my child home to heal. The daycare says they are not responsible for the injury because I signed an incident report, what are my rights?

Just because you sign an incident report it does not mean the daycare facility gets to evade responsibility for injury. The type of lawyer you need is a personal injury lawyer. This lawyer can pursue the daycare center for negligence. Dettman Law in Louisville, Kentucky works on child injury cases involving broken bones. Brian Dettman …
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Is my daycare responsible for my child’s broken bone?

Daycare can be responsible for your child’s broken bone. A daycare must make sure the facility is safe. If the facility is not safe and your child is injured there is potentially a case. Consult with an experienced personal injury lawyer to get an opinion on the strengths and weaknesses of the case. A broken …
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