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Can A Child Sue Over The Death Of A Parent?

Loss of Consortium In Kentucky, a minor child can sue over the death of a parent.  This is commonly referred to as a loss consortium.  In a case like this the children have lost all sorts of help from the parent.  Things like comfort, shelter, love, and safety are losses in the eyes of the …
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Day Care Injury and Trampoline Park Injury Cases

I am working on two personal injury cases this week involving minor children.  Case One involves negligent day care.  Case Two is a trampoline park injury case.  In both circumstances my clients suffered injury due to the actions of a third party.  The Defendants SHOULD have been watching out for my clients but failed to …
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What should I do if my child is injured?

If your child is injured you should seek medical attention. A personal injury lawyer can help if the injury was caused by the negligence of a third party. It may also be necessary to call the police an authorities if the child was intentionally injured or injured through child abuse. My office handles injury cases …
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What are the most common medical injuries children suffer?

The most common medical injuries that children suffer after a car crash are broken bones, tissue injuries, head injuries, scars, and emotional trauma. There are medical providers in Kentucky that focus solely on child injuries. See a doctor first if your child is hurt. Follow up with a free consultation from a personal injury lawyer.