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Day Care Injury and Trampoline Park Injury Cases

I am working on two personal injury cases this week involving minor children.  Case One involves negligent day care.  Case Two is a trampoline park injury case.  In both circumstances my clients suffered injury due to the actions of a third party.  The Defendants SHOULD have been watching out for my clients but failed to …
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Insurance Company Pays Twelve Times Initial Offer On Car Crash

This past week I have been negotiating with my least favorite insurance company.  There must be a bunch of terrible lawyers out there taking low-ball offers because the adjusters I’m dealing with are BOLD.  This car crash starts in June of 2019.  I remember getting the call and thinking it is a miracle this client …
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Can I sue for breaking a bone on a trampoline on private property?

You can sue for breaking a bone on a trampoline on private property. The case will probably be against the land owner and his/her homeowners insurance will come into play. The suit could be for negligence or failure to supervise. Speak with a personal injury lawyer before the one year statute of limitations.

Can I sue for a broken bone or injury at a theme park?

You can sue for a broken bone injury at a theme park. These cases are often worth a lot of money. The amount of damages will be determined by liability, pain and suffering, medical expenses, loss of income, and loss of future income. The theme park has a responsibility to make the park safe for …
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