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My Case Involves A Brain Injury – Can You Help Me?

Short Answer: Yes, I can help with a brain injury case. Long Answer: Below Brain injury cases are a special area of practice at Dettman Law.  My office has recovered multiple millions of dollars for victims of brain injury cases.  Brain injury cases usually involve a neurologist and serious injury.  Here are some information on …
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Day Care Injury and Trampoline Park Injury Cases

I am working on two personal injury cases this week involving minor children.  Case One involves negligent day care.  Case Two is a trampoline park injury case.  In both circumstances my clients suffered injury due to the actions of a third party.  The Defendants SHOULD have been watching out for my clients but failed to …
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Can I sue for pain and suffering caused by a traumatic brain injury?

You can sue for pain and suffering caused by a traumatic brain injury due to negligence in Kentucky. Past/present/future emotional and physical pain and suffering is recoverable in a traumatic brain injury case. Your lawyer will argue for damages caused by the defendant. Pain and suffering from a brain injury can last a lifetime so …
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Can I sue for traumatic brain injury if I make a full recovery?

You can sue for a traumatic brain injury if you make a full recovery in Kentucky. Your damages will be limited to the timeframe in which you were hurt or incapicated. This means that you were hurt as a result of negligence, suffered for some timeframe, and then recovered. Your past/present/future emotional and physical pain …
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Can I sue a minor’s parents for causing a brain injury during an assault?

You can sue a minors parents for causing brain injury during an assault under the right circumstances. For example, if the parents could have prevented the injury or taken steps to ensure safety but failed to do so, then there is a case. Consult with an experienced Kentucky personal injury lawyer for free consultation.