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Will homeowners insurance cover a boating accident?

Your homeowners will likely not cover a boating accident. There is an argument to be made if the boat is docked while the injury occurred. A lawyer can look at the policy language and see if insurance will cover the damages.

What do you do after a boat accident?

After a boating accident you should seek medical attention if you are hurt. It is also important to figure out who was driving the boat and/or who owns the boat. A lawyer will evaluate your boating injury case and determine the value. Take pictures of your injuries and tell your doctors what hurts so they …
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What is full coverage boat insurance?

Full coverage on boat insurance usually means that you bought uninsured or underinsured coverage. This type of coverage kicks in if you are hurt by somebody that did not buy boat insurance. Having sufficient bodily injury and/property damage limits is also important. When a boat crashes people are often significantly hurt. If you don’t have …
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