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How is compensation determined for a back injury lawsuit?

Compensation is determined by injuries, liability, and available insurance in a Kentucky personal injury back injury lawsuit. If one of these three elements are missing it is a problem. For example, a defendant without insurance or significant assets is not worth pursuing. You can get a million dollar judgment but never see a dollar because …
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Can my pre existing conditions affect my back injury lawsuit?

Your pre existing conditions can affect your back injury lawsuit in Kentucky. The other side will argue you aren’t really that hurt because you had a problem to begin with. That is nonsense. What it really means is that the defendant made you worse. The defendant and their insurance carrier is responsible for damages associated …
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Can I sue for pain and suffering or lost wages from my back injury?

In Kentucky you can sue for pain and suffering and lost wages from your back injury case. The defendant will be responsible for damages associated with negligence. Past, present, and future emotional and physical pain and suffering are damages associated with these claims and lawsuits. The amount of money you miss while injured or treating …
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What type of back problems qualify for a personal injury lawsuit?

In Kentucky a personal injury lawsuit usually involves the following types of back injuries: soft tissue, MRI-bulge/protrusion/herniation, fracture, surgery, or paralyzation. All of these injuries cause pain and can be claimed as part of a Kentucky personal injury lawsuit. An experienced personal injury lawyer can evaluate your case and determine if it is worth pursuing.

What kind of back injuries qualify for compensation and damages in court?

In a court of law a Kentucky judge will permit damages that include medical expenses, lost wages, loss of future impairment, and past/present/future pain and suffering. These damages usually arise from soft tissue, MRI, fracture, surgery, or paralization cases. An experienced Kentucky personal injury lawyer can help you evaluate the case.