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What Happens in a Car Crash Jury Trial in Jefferson County, Kentucky

It is rare that a case goes to trial.  I sometimes hear about the “good old days” when every other week a lawyer was trying a case in the courthouse.  I’m not sure if that is an effective method given the amount of cases currently in Jefferson County, Kentucky, but in any case its not […]

Fifty Times Value Multiplier, Is This Possible?

I resolved two cases last week. The first case my client had $6,000.00 in medical expenses. The second case my client has $17,500 in medical expenses. The first case resolved for $300,000.00. The second case resolved for $27,500. You read that right. The first case resolved for fifty times the medicals. How can that happen?

Who Should Pay For My Property Damage in Louisville After a Car Crash?

I’m working on property damage today. If your lawyer tells you that he only represents you on the injury claim and not the property damage claim than your lawyer is being lazy. I will say that I authorize the insurance companies to set up a viewing of the vehicle and communication with my clients on this aspect of the claim.


I was born in 1982. As a result, I’m basically on every form of social media available. I’m also a plaintiff’s lawyer so a lot of PI ads pop up on my feed. Towards the end of the year its almost a requirement that a PI lawyer posts something like: My Firm Resolved X Million Dollars Worth of Cases This Year!”